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and growth driver for small and midsize businesses

    Designed Exclusively for Small and Midsize Businesses
SAP Business One

Designed exclusively for small businesses, SAP® Business One is an affordable application to manage an entire business across financials, sales, customer interactions, and Operations - all in a single system. With SAP Business One, small businesses can streamline their end-to-end operations, obtain instant and complete information to respond faster to market needs, and accelerate profitable growth.

Overview of Functional Areas

SAP Business One is equipped with an easy-to-use interface that serves as the company’s main ERP application via numerous standard interfaces. The result is a comprehensive and versatile enterprise management tool.


n Financial Accounting

n Sales and Distribution

n Purchasing

n Business Partners (Embedded CRM)

n Bank Transactions

n Warehouse Management

n Production

n MRP 

n Controlling

n Reporting

n Service Management

n Human Resources

SAP Business One Facts:


n Targeted to companies between 5 - 250 employees

n Already over 18,000 customers (Appx. 1,200 installs in the US)

n Available in 14 languages and 40 countries

n Standardized business processes in one system

n Internal control compliance

n Simple and easy to use operation

n SAP is over 30 years of business software leadership

Features and Benefits:

n Short implementation ensures rapid deployment

n Native CRM/SFA functionality provides complete business management in a single package

n Management alerts that immediately notify managers when business rules are broken, or create workflow for approval (deviation from minimum Inventory, credit management, budget and discount)

n Strong reporting tools that provide the information you need, when and how you want

n Flexible, powerful, and easy to use with limited technical skills

n An effective Software Development Kit (SDK) designed to maximize prior investments and minimize system maintenance

n Intuitive Drag & Relate access to all information in real-time

n Web-Based Customer Relationship Management

n Built-in E-Commerce & Online Store

n Do-it-Yourself customization with user-defined fields (UDF e.g. ABC Analysis), forms, queries    and reports

n Standard integration with productivity tools such as Microsoft Office and Outlook

n 400+ ISV Add-ons to extend the product to meet your local and industry specific needs

   (e.g. EDI, EAI, POS integration…)

n Integration path to ECC system that allows businesses to interface with parent companies


Our Services:

n We offer SAP Business One, Self-Hosted (Premises) Solution, delivered preinstalled software on hardware that provide undeniable value proposition with low-cost subscription billing

n This brings you as close to plug-and-start as you can get

n Customers are just to use standard ERP functions with charge of monthly subscription billing

n From the initial fit assessment to a live system in weeks, not months

n One application, a 360°view across the organization